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From 1996 Meredith Hunter worked as a solicitor in a medium sized law firm in Fremantle.  In September 2001 Meredith commenced her own firm, Meredith Hunter & Associates, as a home office.

With a growing practice, Meredith moved to commercial premises in Maylands in November 2002, but by December 2003, the business had grown to the point where the premises needed to be extended. Meredith extended the firm into the commercial premises next door where it remained until 2011 when Meredith moved the firm, now known as Hunter Cook Legal, to Belmont.

Preferring to be closer to the city, whilst still allowing clients to enjoy the benefits of free parking and ease of access, Hunter Cook Legal relocated to Fitzgerald Street, North Perth in 2013 where it remains.


HCL specialises in Family Law, bank guarantees and some Wills and Probate matters.

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